Embracing Differences, Celebrating Abilities.

Tamahar’s USP focuses on developmental age and skills rather than chronological age. A criterion-referenced observation allows us to check the growth of the child accurately from birth onwards, mapping skills along all developmental domains. These help us create individual intervention goals to build on inherent skills to reach their chronological age expectations. Focusing on training children to learn according to their age creates a difference in their understanding, ability, and what they are being taught. The interventions are based on experiential learning, which gives the children the freedom to experiment and understand functions. The same principle is used in our academic classes, where the focus is on personality development and life-skill training, along with education. Our Pre-Vocational and Sheltered Workshop programs allow our young adults to experience life in different work situations and prepare them for the eventual workplace.

We believe that our children need to enjoy life, be independent, and live a life of dignity. This is accomplished through a variety of services, like recreation in the form of hobby classes, sports, and therapies like occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech therapy, etc..
Training parents, extending emotional support, and providing family counseling are important for Tamahar because we believe these are essential components for the wellbeing of the family as a whole and, as a result, of the child.
There is a direct link between the parent’s self-worth and self-esteem and level of stress in a family with a child with special needs. One way to improve the family life is to help the parent become his/her own person by gaining their individual milestones like education, suitable/preferred vocations, hobbies, financial independence etc. Inculcate decision making skills and initiative taking abilities.

Our Accreditations



Child Protection Policy (CPP)

Children with developmental disabilities are the most vulnerable to abuse in society. We, as their guardians, have a moral and legal obligations to protect the children under our care.

The policy provides checks and consequences needed to avert abuse. We can prevent the damage due to the atrocities towards children, their families, to the organization and to society fostering a healthy community.

Prevention Of Sexual Harassment Policy (POSH)

Our sexual harassment policy aims to protect men and women in our organization from unwanted sexual advances and give them guidelines to report incidents. We will also explain how we handle claims, punish sexual harassment and help victims recover.

We won’t tolerate sexual harassment in our workplace in any shape or form. Our culture is based on mutual respect and collaboration. Sexual harassment is a serious violation of those principles.

Human Resource Policy

The organization believes that fair and just policies and their implementation are due to all employees, regardless of rank, level, and status of employment. As such, all employees and managers are called upon to practice fairness in all their official dealings and carry out their functions based on these policies and procedures. If there is non-implementation or neglect of its appropriate and proper implementation, employees have the right to bring such a breach to the management of Tamahar Trust and the governing body if required.