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Tamahar Trust extends heartfelt gratitude to you for believing in our cause and choosing to make a donation for our beneficiaries. Your act of kindness will go a long way in transforming the lives of people with disabilities and will be long remembered.

Your contribution is a powerful statement of support towards building a more inclusive society. Together, we can make a significant impact on the lives of those who need it the most.

Thank you for being a beacon of hope and change.

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Assistive Devices


Your donation of ₹5,000.00 plays a pivotal role in providing Assistive Devices to children and young adults with special needs. These devices, including wheelchairs, crutches, walkers, orthotics, accessibility software, and modifications to the physical environment, enhance their strength and stability. By contributing to this cause, you empower these individuals to lead independent lives, fostering their inclusion and active participation in society.

Contribute Now to Empower Independence.

Programs For Children


Your support plays a crucial role in funding diverse programs for children at Tamahar. These programs aim to foster the holistic development of children with special needs through educational, recreational, and therapeutic activities. The funds contribute to the Early Intervention (EI), Nursery, and Functional Academics (FA) programs.

How Your Contribution Helps:

  • Creates a nurturing environment for growth and well-being.
  • Supports educational, recreational, and therapeutic activities.
  • Fosters holistic development in children with special needs.

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Auxiliary Therapy


Sponsor  Therapy for a child for a month with a donation of ₹3,500.00. This comprehensive therapy covers physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, music therapy, art therapy, vision therapy, yoga, recreation, and sports. Your contribution ensures that these children receive specialized care tailored to their unique needs, promoting their holistic well-being and development.

Support Holistic Well-being Through Therapy.

Developmental Assessment


Your donation of ₹3,500.00 sponsors a crucial Developmental Assessment for a child. This assessment, conducted using the Developmental assessment tool evaluates a child’s skills in communication, motor skills,social skills, etc. It determines their “developmental age,” enabling us to tailor interventions to meet their specific needs, fostering their growth and progress.

Empower Through Personalized Developmental Assessment.

Advanced Training on Interventions


Contribute towards addressing the critical shortage of qualified special education professionals in the Indian social sector by supporting our Advanced Training on Interventions program. This structured training program is developed based on global best practices to empower individuals interested in making a difference.


Interventionists play a crucial role in bridging the gap in special education and early intervention in the Indian social sector. Tamahar is committed to addressing this shortage by offering its own resources through a comprehensive training program. This initiative is open to individuals with basic literacy and a passion for children.

The training includes :

  • Theory classes
  • Practical training sessions
  • Workshops with sector experts
  • Visits to other institutions

Your support of ₹15,000.00 per participant contributes to a 120-hour training program, empowering individuals to become qualified interventionists. By investing in this initiative, you help create a pool of skilled professionals dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of children with special needs.

Contribute to Building a Qualified Special Education Workforce.

General Fund


Your additional donation of ₹500 to the General Fund provides flexible support to address urgent needs and allocate resources where they are most needed. This helps Tamahar Trust continue its mission to empower and transform lives effectively.

Empower Through Personalized Developmental Assessment.

Support Tamahar’s Corpus Fund


Tamahar’s Corpus Fund serves as a crucial financial reservoir, ensuring the sustained commitment to children with special needs and their families. Your contribution to the Corpus Fund is an investment in the long-term impact we can create together.

How Your Contribution Helps :

  • Ensures financial stability.
  • Sustains vital programs and therapies.

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